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Welcome! Flora & Finn Birth Services provides Northeast Ohio with certified, nonjudgmental birth and postpartum doula support. We want you to have a positive experience throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

We support you and your choices for your birth and postpartum. Not sure what you want? That’s fine too! We can help you decide what works best for you and your family. This is all about you!

Flora & Finn Doulas feel like family, best friend or a sister through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. We are professionals though, and very knowledgeable about birth, postpartum, newborns and northeast Ohio hospitals. We guide our clients through a time in their lives that can be unknown, overwhelming and confusing. We instill confidence within them so they feel empowered about their choices and experiences while growing their families.

The best thing about Flora & Finn Doulas is that we are 100% unbiased and nonjudgemental. We don’t expect you to birth your baby a certain way. We won’t tell you how to parent your baby. We will support your choices, and help you decide what works best for your family. Again, this is all about you!

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