Birth & Postpartum Doula Support

Flora & Finn Doulas provide you and your partner with physical, emotional and educational support through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Validating feelings & encouraging you while guiding you, and helping you navigate the birth process and your postpartum experience.

Birth Doula Package

We work in teams of two, which means you and your partner will have double the support, double the knowledge & encouragement, and the security of knowing exactly who will be there to support you on the big day!

Our Birth Doula package includes:

  • 24/7 on-call support
  • 24/7 access to us via phone, text, video calls & email
  • A 2-hour prenatal meeting to discuss your preferences for your birth experience
  • A custom-made visual birth plan based on your preferences 
  • Phone support through early labor
  • We join you for in-person support whenever you are ready either at your home or in the hospital
  • Emotional, educational & physical support during labor and birth
  • Assist in positioning, movement and breathing techniques to keep you focused and relaxed
  • Suggesting and offering hands-on comfort measures and pushing techniques
  • Immediate postpartum support 
  • Assistance with the first feeding 
  • One-hour in-home postpartum visit within 3-5 days of the baby’s birth

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Support

As your postpartum experience unfolds and your journey into parenthood begins, we are there for you every step of the way. Our main focus as your doula is your physical and emotional recovery from birth and your baby’s adjustment into his new world. We strive for you to feel confident in caring for your new baby and doing so in a peaceful and nonjudgmental environment.

Our Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Package Includes:

  • Supporting you as you navigate the first days of postpartum recovery 
  • Helping you define any variations of normal or red flag situations of postpartum healing
  • Holding space for you as you unpack new, and sometimes heavy emotions 
  • Assuring that you are staying nourished, rested, and taking moments of self-care, whatever that may look like for you 
  • Tips and tricks for various newborn care topics such as; swaddling, soothing & bathing
  • Bottle-feeding support; positioning, formula preparation, safe handling and storage of expressed breastmilk, introducing a bottle to a breast fed baby, etc.  
  • Breastfeeding support; positioning, latch, pumping, safe handling, and storage of expressed breastmilk, etc. 
  • Support with implementing healthy sleep habits for your newborn 
  • Overnight support so you can get the most sleep possible 

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