I cannot recommend Flora & Finn Birth Services enough. As a second time parent, I wish I hired a doula the first time around. I met with Heather and Taylor and instantly clicked with both of them. They also came to my home and went over our birth plan with my husband and I. My daughter decided to come a month early and Taylor was there the whole time to support me, my husband, and even my 21 month old. Even after the birth, Taylor and Heather would text and check up on me and give me extremely helpful advice and encouraging words. During our postpartum visit, Taylor was able to help me with breast feeding positions and gave me helpful tips for the upcoming months with baby. Thank you Taylor and Heather! I appreciate you both so much and I am grateful for both of you! -E.N.

Heather was absolutely amazing to work with during pregnancy and postpartum. Heather’s compassion for others and nonjudgmental presence combined with her professionalism and expertise are a few of the reasons why we loved having her support. We originally decided to hire Heather as a postpartum doula, however after meeting her in person, we knew she would be a great source of support throughout the labor and birthing process. And oh my, we were so right and extremely thankful to have Heather with us during labor and birth! Heather continued to help us once our daughter arrived and her help was invaluable. As first-time parents we were unsure of so many things (even though we took baby basics courses, etc.) and having Heather there to support us was phenomenal. She taught us tricks and tips for bathing, sleeping, feeding, and even organizing baby clothes, which is not easy to do! Heather helped us get through sleepless nights (which were not sleepless when she was there!) and taught us different hunger, sleepy, and even gassy cues/signs our baby was making. In addition to all of this, Heather always checked in to see how I was doing postpartum and really helped me through my physical recovery postpartum and as I experienced hormonal changes. I had difficulty with breastfeeding initially, and she was a huge source of positive support. She made sure I was also caring for myself in addition to the baby and even helped me prepare easy snacks and meals that I could eat. I would highly recommend Heather for birth and postpartum support. Whether you are a first-time parent, experienced parent, expecting one baby or more, Heather would be an invaluable source of support. We hope to have more children one day and we are certain that Heather will be a part of our birth and postpartum care! -S.R.

My husband and I worked with Heather for our son’s birth in July of this year. It was wonderful meeting her and Taylor before the birth and having the peace of mind that someone would always be on call when I needed it. We were able to meet once before the birth to go over the many options that I had and make a birth plan. I ended up being induced, and they were there throughout that process by phone and text. When my labor progressed, Heather was only a text away and came right up to the hospital when I felt I needed her. She assisted my husband and I through many hours of labor, and was super supportive when I chose to get an epidural. Even when my labor ended up in an emergency C-section, Heather was there every step of the way as a calm and level headed support person. She even made a visit to our house after we came home from the hospital for a postpartum visit to see how things were going and answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend Flora & Finn as a birth doula. The peace of mind having someone knowledgeable and calm was priceless. Even my husband who was skeptical of having a doula before the birth, was very thankful for Heather’s support and presence. -J.N

I would HIGHLY recommend Flora and Finn Birth Services to everyone! The support I was provided before, during, and after birth was so valuable I cannot imagine going through it without a Doula. Heather was amazing at providing me knowledge, reassurance, comfort, pain management, and aftercare- she is truly one of a kind! This made my entire birthing process much easier! -B.W.

From the beginning, we felt supported by both Heather and her partner Taylor! I never hesitated to reach out to them about questions, and sent updates after each appointment, always getting a reply. When it came time for the big day, Taylor was on call and spend the day with us at the hospital. She was incredible-a true calming force for both my husband and myself! My labor went very smoothly and was an incredibly empowering experience! They did great checking on us after labor as well, and having them come to the house about a week after birth was very helpful. Would recommend Flora & Finn for anyone wanting to add some peace of mind and expertise to their labor, prenatal & postnatal experience! -F.O.

Heather is an absolutely amazing birth doula! We had an unexpected turn of events when we learned our daughter was breech, but Heather didn’t skip a beat. We adjusted our birth plan accordingly, and prepared for the scheduled C-section. She went above and beyond to support us from getting checked in, helping me calm my nerves for the surgery, and then was there all the way until after our daughter was born and we were settled in our postpartum room. Within the week, she came to our home to check in and make sure we were adjusting okay. She has a wealth of knowledge, extremely caring, and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. The flexibility to adjust our plan and support us through a scheduled csection was exceptional! Highly recommend her! -D.N.

Heather has been a godsend since bringing my baby home. When hiring for postpartum doula, she checked in with me during my pregnancy to see how I was doing. Once we began working together, Heather made me feel comfortable in embarking on this new journey into motherhood. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and offer support and advice where she can. Even though I have a supportive family, I truly believe I would not have adjusted to being a new mom as well as I have without her support. I highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for a doula or postpartum doula. -R.A.