Labor & Birth

3 Simple Tips For Labor

If someone were to ask me what three things they can do during labor that would help them along, this would be them! Whether you plan on laboring with an epidural or not, these 3 simple tips will help you through your labor and birth!

1. Listen to your body in early labor.

Once those contractions begin and don’t go away you may be filled with so much excitement that you are FINALLY in labor! You may also feel anxious and apprehensive about what’s to come. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and also take note and follow what your body is telling you. If you feel like eating – eat! If you are thirsty – drink! If you are tired – sleep/rest! If you have some energy – go for a walk or do something active! The rotation of these things will help keep you distracted from the contractions too!

2. Keep your body loose and relaxed.

Avoid the fear-pain-tension cycle by keeping your body loose and relaxed. How? You can focus on keeping your face and jaw soft, shoulders dropped, and unclench your hands during and in-between contractions. Remember, tight body = tight cervix. Guided meditation can help relax the mind while guiding you through relaxing parts of the body one by one.

3. Deep, controlled, slow breathing.

Taking deep, slow, mindful breaths will not only help to keep you calmer and more focused, but it will also decrease pain and help to keep your body loose and relaxed. If you focus on counting to a certain number, it will help you take deep enough breaths and help to keep your mind distracted.

Interested in learning more about the labor process? Visit our Birth Boutique for our full list of childbirth education topics and classes!

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